On the 16th of December, the boyfriend and I attended our second JDMST meet together for the final one for the year (EOYM). The meet took place near a freeway in the city, in which Vincent drove his blue N15 SSS Pulsar there and parked alongside a N1 and N15 Q. 
Some of the usuals were there, such as the Simply Fresh Crew with their Civics and Xavier’s stanced Camry. The meet also consisted of your Skylines, 86’s, Civics, the odd Euro car, Pulsars, S2K’s, Silvia’s, Supras and so forth.

Considering how many cars showed up and where the meet was located, it ran smoothly! No skids or burnouts were done besides the odd civic flying down the street.
I can’t wait to see what next year holds for the future JDMST meets.

Photo credits:
PowerFocus Photography


Livin’ The Life in Australia! :P